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Thank you for taking some time to check out my site. It means a lot to me. Check out the blog page for articles on how I do things, why I do things, and most important how you can get started.

Growing cannabis in Michigan

Cannabis is not addictive but growing it most certainly is. I dropped my first seeds in March of 2020 and I can’t imagine not growing now. This plant has taught me so much about not only gardening but about myself as well. The cannabis growing community is simply the best. We all pull for each other to win and freely share tips, tricks, and knowledge. I have met some incredible people that I would have never met without this plant. Normally I am reserved and do not like group settings, now I can’t wait for an event to go to or a class to attend. Check out my blog page for more information on my grows, style, and more. And if you are thinking about getting started check out the “Getting Started” blog posts.

What I think about stuff

When it comes to cannabis I have a few beliefs. First off I believe that anyone that wants to grow should be able to. Unfortunately it is not legal everywhere YET. I would never encourage anyone to break the law so please follow your local laws and let’s all work together to get to the place where we all can grow a plant in our homes without fear of incarceration. Which brings up my next point. I believe that no one should be in prison because of a plant. I mean what a waste of resources. We need to work together until all prisoners of weed are freed. I also believe that if a person or company wants to open a dispensary or grow facility they should be required to be a resident of the state. Legalization was supposed to help the people of the state not some corporate d-bags that are only in it for the money. A lot of them were against legalization but jumped in the game to get rich quick and flooded the market with too much product and now good local people are struggling. And it sucks to see good people having to shut down because they don’t have the big pockets the corporations have. And yes I believe that weed should taste good. Let me know what you think.


What can a plant do for you?

It can heal, lift, relax, mend, focus, uplift, soothe, energize,chill, teach, and so much more.