My history with cannabis goes back to 1976 when I hit my first joint. I was a pretty regular user from that point until we had our first daughter. And at that point I decided that I should give it up for a while. After three more daughters that while turned into a long time. Then it became legal in Michigan in 2018 and at some point after that I started smoking again. And around the end of 2019 I thought maybe I can grow my own and told my wife that I wanted to grow weed in the basement. She gave me that look that you can only recognize after being together for so many years and then in her usual response to my crazy ideas she said if that will make you happy you should go for it. And I am so glad I did. Thinking back to my first couple runs that survived my ignorance and produced some mediocre weed and where I am now is nothing short of amazing. My skills as a grower are due to help and advice from other growers and industry professionals. The cannabis grower community is full of growers that are willing to share their knowledge and experiences with anyone that will listen. So if you are thinking about getting started check out the blog page and look for the getting started posts. Let’s get growing.

My Style

There will be more in blog posts but in a nutshell I am an organic living soil grower. I have three grow tents and I grow in Auto Pots, cloth, and plastic pots. I use all organic inputs, amendments, and teas. I try to keep things as natural as I can. I normally tweak a couple things on each grow to try to learn and also improve on the last grow. I am more concerned about quality than quantity. I grow for myself and my family and a few friends. And the satisfaction that I get from each run has only grown over time.

My weakness

I most certainly am not the only one in this category. I buy too many seeds. I say I am not going to buy more but…… I have been getting better though. I have met some talented breeders on my journey and any new drop feels like a must have. I have made some great choices along the way though. I really value being able to talk to the breeder face to face and gain info on the strains. And I have been lucky enough to call a few friends. A good sale is hard for me to pass up.

My joy

Everything about growing is a joy to me. To start with a seed and nurture it and watch it become a living plant with a personality is the coolest thing ever. I talk to them, give them pep talks, compliment them, love them and in return they give me so much. I can’t explain the feeling inside when I gift some weed to people and they let me know how much they enjoy what I grew. I normally pick a strain for effects that the breeder lists about it. It is really cool when I get the results they say I should get.I won’t lie when I get a plant that gets purple and frosty I am ecstatic. Let me know what joy you get from growing.

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